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Start Your Hot Wheels Diecast Collection in 3 Easy Steps

Collecting Hot Wheels diecast cars can be a rewarding and fun hobby for anyone of any age. Hot Wheels have been around since Mattel released the first one in 1968. Some of the model gain value over time so they can be an investment as well as a hobby. There are so many to choose from, how do you get started?

Think of what are your favorite real cars and then use those to pick out your first Hot Wheels diecast models. If that exotic German or Italian supercar is just out of reach, you can own it in scale model. You can build a garage of exotic or limited edition cars that would rival any billionaire’s collection. The make new, old and concept cars now. If you want to collect cars from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s you are in luck as there models available. You will be able to find models to collect no matter your passion, from monster trucks to modified cars.

Make sure you stay within your budget. Some cars can be $100’s when they are first released. You will find the prices rise quickly the older the model gets. The quality and the features in the model usually determines the price. A plastic fixed wheel car will be the cheapest option but it will not be as nice as a metal car with working wheels. Size is also a factor in determining the size. The standard 1/64 size of the models can be typically fairly cheap. The larger models such as 1:18 are quite large models and can be quite expensive. As the model gets older it gets more expensive. If you find a 30 year old model it is going to be much more expensive than a brand new model on sale today.

Keep track of what you have already purchased to avoid duplication. Diecast display cases are a great way to do this. It is easier to admire your collection when it is out in the open. It also gives you a handy way to inventory your collection so you do not buy duplicates. You are going to need different display cases if you are collecting different sizes of models. A large model beside a small model will make the small one look even smaller.

If you use these handy tips you will be well on your way to a rewarding hobby of Hot Wheels diecast collecting. No matter what kind of car you like there are models available for you to collect and display. Once you have a good sized collection started you will be proud to show it off.

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Welly Diecast Models Will Enhance Your Diecast Collection

If you are looking for a new collection to start up, a new hobby for someone who needs a hobby, or you just loves cars and trucks, collecting diecast replicas from Welly Die Casting would be a great opportunity for your collection to be one of the best at an affordable price. Welly Die Casting has been in business and manufacturing diecast models for over 30 years. They continue to invest in new machines to up-grade the quality, capacity of the factory, and efficiency. The experience of the years behind them shows. They produce a number of different scaled models for every collectors needs. At this time Welly Die Casting has over 40 different licensed brands, which gives you a wide variety of choice.

Collecting diecast cars and trucks is not only kids, but has become very popular among the adults in the last 20 years or so. Most manufactures of diecast vehicles started out with an idea to sell to kids, but as the years past they realized that it was mostly adults that were the buying and collecting the different models for themselves. The market soon after realizing that, rotated it’s marketing strategies to focus on what an adult may be looking at when buying a diecast model. Welly is one company that focuses on the little details within a diecast model or replica. There are a number of different scales available for customer selection, namely 1:18, 1:24, 1:32, 1:38, 1:43, 1:60, and 1:87. These scales compliment cars, trucks, bikes, and motorbikes.

One of the most popular scales to collect is the 1:18 scale. Being the largest scale manufactured by Welly, it is also the most detailed. 1:18 scaled diecast models are approximately 1/18 of the size of the actual vehicle or bike that it is replicating. With the length being about 7 to 10 inches, width being about 3.25 to 3.5 inches, and the height being 3.25 to 4 inches, the models can contain a lot of detail. Most of the models have opening hoods, opening doors, and opening trunks. The interior is detailed, with accurate gauges and dash, and the engines are perfectly modeled. The wheels are usually rubber and are steerable. All of these describe a very detailed model replica of the real thing. The only thing it does not do is run.

Collecting models can be a rewarding hobby. Something that everyone can enjoy. If you like to reminisce about a vehicle you may have had when you were younger or maybe someone owned and you would of loved to be the owner, maybe this a way to keep your memories alive. Even if you dream about owning some of those expensive cars, that you may never own, collecting the diecast models of them may help you fulfill your dreams. Welly diecast models are an excellent source to help you with your collection. They will offer you many choices to start, or keep your collection going at an affordable price. With 30 years of experience Welly will continue to produce a product that everyone will love.

Diecast Collectibles

Diecast Collectibles: The Collectors’ Guide to Making a Profit

Diecast Collectibles: The Collectors’ Guide to Making a Profit

Millions of people have made a hobby of collecting items of one sort or another, but some take it to a higher level. These collectors view their collections as more than just an accumulation of trinkets that they happen to enjoy; to
them, it’s a business, and they’re not in it to lose money. For those who collect diecast models, making a profit can
be a challenge, unless you know the ropes of how to effectively collect pieces and then apply the necessary strategies to resell at an increased price.

It’s a good practice to collect only those items that you truly like, and then do quite a bit of shopping around in
order to find the best buy. Market trends are never very stable, and by collecting those pieces that particularly
appeal to you, others may view them in the same way. This will enable you to resell them more easily. Certainly,
it’s never good business practice to buy the first piece that you find. Competition is stiff, and there are some great deals out there that you can use to your advantage.

Avoid specializing in one specific area of diecast collectibles. If, for instance, you’re interested in collecting NASCAR models, it’s best not to isolate your purchases to those of one particular driver. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t include them among your other pieces, but there’s a need for diversity if you’re hoping to eventually realize a profit. Although a piece may not seem to have much value in today’s market, that doesn’t mean that it won’t increase as time goes by.

Older diecast models make a nice addition to anyone’s collection, and can eventually precipitate a good amount of
sales revenue. Don’t overlook what you may now see as relics or outdated pieces. There’s always someone out there who’s looking for an older piece – whether for nostalgic reasons, to complete a collection or for the purposes of an eventual sale – so don’t limit yourself by excluding the golden oldies.

Some of the best deals can be found in flea markets, on eBay and other auction sites. Not only can you find pieces
for your own collection, but these will be eventual avenues for you to resell them at a later date. The highlight of the auction arena is that you can set a starting price and watch the bids increase your income potential – sometimes to a figure much higher than you would have imagined. Setting a reserve price helps, too, so that you won’t lose a piece when someone comes in way under the piece’s value.

Picking up models at local department stores, such as Wal-Mart, or through TV shopping forums such as QVC is usually a mistake. While these may have reasonable quality, they’re usually not as well constructed as what you can find elsewhere, and tend to flood the market with certain pieces which they sell in high volume in an effort to gain a higher sales standing. Stick to the mainstream collection sites and you’ll do much better.

Remember that you may not break the bank when you resell a piece, but with a good sense of timing and strong negotiation skills, you’ll be able to realize some type of profit and, with a bit of experience, will increase your
overall profit potential.

Diecast Collectibles: The Collectors’ Guide to Making a Profit

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Vintage Collectibles – Where To Buy And Why Buying Vintage Is Important

Vintage Collectibles – Where To Buy And Why Buying Vintage Is Important

Finding vintage collectibles and items is always fun and challenging. Whether you do it online or like to visit thrift stores and antique shops. Did you know that purchasing a vintage or antique item does more than just add to your collection? It helps save the environment!

If you are reading this article you are a person who loves to collect vintage or wants to know how and where to collect. Since I was young I have enjoyed finding old items that others view as trash. It took many years for me to realize that the United States of America, once a manufacturing giant, has now become a wasteful consumer of imported items. We buy new over and over because most imported items are very low in quality. They then break and we buy imports again. It is a cycle that fills our landfills at an alarming rate and makes other countries very rich. This is where all the vintage and antique collectors of America come in. When you are looking to add to your collection or buy a gift for any occasion you need to buy vintage. This will allow items with a storied past to live again and keep the landfills of America empty of good old USA manufactured items. Vintage collectibles throughout America will be cheering!

First take a look at the internet and shop around the many sites that stock vintage items. One of the best sites for quality vintage items is This site has owners who give incredible customer service and are truly passionate about finding vintage and antique items a new home. This site will give you a feeling of family and is very informative about all things vintage. If you are like me I also enjoy visiting all the local thrift stores. Next time you visit your local thrift store look at the stock and imagine where it would be without you making a purchase. You guessed it, in the landfill.

Now I have left the best place to shop for vintage items last. Yes it is garage sales. Everybody across America has had one and with today’s economy they are more popular than every. The key is to only visit the sales in neighborhoods with older homes and residents. If you visit the newer neighborhoods all you will find is baby toys and clothes. Knowing the older neighborhoods may take a little trial and error but after a couple of Saturdays driving to sales you will be a pro. Be sure to take plenty of cash and haggle for the best prices. Most sellers want the stuff gone so I always like to bundle lots of vintage items together and ask for a quantity discount. Sometimes I can even score free vintage items.

Vintage Collectibles – Where To Buy And Why Buying Vintage Is Important

Vintage Hot Wheels

Vintage Hot Wheels are Hotter than Ever

Vintage Hot Wheels are Hotter than Ever

I’ve been an avid Hot Wheel collector for about 10 years and have built up quite a collection of rare finds. Unlike other toy collectibles, you’re never embarrassed to break out your vintage Wheels.

If you’re new to collecting, there are a few things you should know.
Before you begin buying, you have to know what these cars are worth and what to look for; if you don’t you might be taken for a ride.

Like other collectibles, there is quite a bit of information available at your fingertips such as books, articles, etc.

Although much of this information is great for pictures or a short history lesson, most only include information on the more popular models and you want to get your hands on the rare, mint condition, still in the box, no-one knew ever existed models.

I’ve found the Tomart’s Guide to Hot Wheels by Mike Strauss to be the most comprehensive of all the books on the market. Although there are others, I’ve found the Tomart’s to be the best.

Another great source of information is the Becket Guide to Hot Wheels. Although not as eye-pleasing as the Tomart’s Guide, the Becket is a fantastic source for the more popular models.

You can find a slew of other books and articles all over the web and in your neighborhood bookstore.

Once you’re ready to start collecting, I would suggest stopping by your local antique shops and garage sales. eBay is another good source but I’ve found that, unless you’re willing to pay top dollar, you’re best bet is to buy from someone who’s into the old but not necessarily a Hot Wheel Maniac.

If you’re into the newer models, stop by your local Toys-R-Us or any local toy store. Keep an eye out for announcements from Mattel and follow the blogs and on-line articles for special releases.

Vintage Hot Wheels are Hotter than Ever

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Matchbox Toy Cars – Diecast Collectibles For Young & Old

Matchbox toy cars have never gone out of style. These diecast collectibles are hotter than ever in toy collecting world. The Matchbox car toy series was created in 1952 by Jack Odell when he cast a small metal miniature of a Road Roller and inserted it in a matchbox container so his daughter could take it to school with her. More than 50 years later, the Matchbox brand is still known to collectors and children alike for its high quality, model diversity and affordability. In many retail outlets, Matchbox cars are still sold for around a dollar a car and each year more than 100 million of them are sold to collectors and kids alike.

The first Lesney series of Matchbox toy cars measured up to eight inches long. It was during the 1950’s that the Lesney Company began to focus mostly on miniature sizes of the diecast cars. The No. 1 Diesel Road Roller, No. 2 Dumper, and No. 3 Cement Mixer were first released in 1953. Lesney then decided that the vehicles in this beginning series, known better as the 1-75 series, would be limited to only seventy-five different makes and models. Though new models and makes were made each year, when a new car came out, an older one was removed from the series. This same practice is still in place today with the toy car series.

The Mattel toy company started to compete in the die-cast car market in 1961 when the production of their Hot Wheels brand was introduced. The Lesney company went bankrupt in 1982 and sold the rights of the Matchbox brand name to Universal Toys. In 1992, the the Matchbox brand name was then sold to Tyco Toys whose toy division was ironically bought out by the Mattel toy company in 1997.

Throughout all the years, Matchbox toy cars remained widely collected and traded. With the birth of the internet and the start of eBay in 1995, it opened up a wider outlet for collectors all over the world to buy and sell cars in their collection. On any given day, their are thousands of the toy cars available on eBay and the Wal-Marts of the world too have a very large selection to choose from.

Matchbox toy car collecting is both fun and profitable and a great hobby for both young and old. It is never too late to start collecting both new and rare Matchbox cars.

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Sports Collectibles – What You Must Have To Be Cool

Sports collectibles are goodies that every sports lover will want to get their hands on. There are exclusive sports collectible stores around the world where one can feast their eyes on their team gears, foot wear or other apparels worn by then during the match, and also find autographed balls and bats up for sale. Sometimes these memorabilia might be on sale, and other times they could be bought by bidding on the price and if yours is the highest you might win the product. Whatever be the mode of getting hold of these valuables, sports enthusiasts across the world don’t mind or think twice about shelling out money over these items. For some it is a must have, and for others its something they add to their collection. As long as one knows their limits and is aware of how much time and money they are spending on these, its safe, else it becomes an addiction which is unhealthy. It would eat up their savings and time leaving them with no income or way to take care of their family.

Autographed footballs, helmets, bats and balls, or even photographs by leading players would be worth a lot, and are available only in limited quantities. So, if one has any hope of grabbing one of these treasured memorabilia, they should touch base with one of the websites that will have stocks. Some of the stores and sites have antique products or those of legendary players we which are considered part of vintage collection. Greeting cards with a player’s picture on it, or a autographed picture of Tiger woods, or maybe the shoes used by Ronaldo are all things that would sell instantly. All sports collectibles are available for the public to buy and some are more expensive than others because of their history or maybe because they are the last piece left.

Display cases, and plaques of your favorite team would look beautiful when placed along with other pictures and mementos on the mantle and so people flock towards these stores to buy them. Some have this as a hobby while for others its a passionate part time thing. They would be part of a group or forum where all members are into sports and they each have a huge collection of memorabilia. They might all meet up once in a while to discuss the latest game, the players and also share information where a particular memorabilia might be available or seek others’ help while interesting in a piece of jewelery or photo that is available in another town. The sports collectible are a major rage among teenagers, as it forms part of who they are, a reflection of their personalities and they look up to these sports stars and try to impersonate them. For others, these sports collectibles are a way of being in touch with their fondest memories or a match that created a revolution or to look back on a glorious moment involving their favorite teams.

Antique Bells

Collecting Antique Bells As Collectibles

Collecting Antique Bells As Collectibles

Collectors of antique bells have learned there is a variety that can be found on any of on-line auction sites. Prior to purchasing from an on-line auction site collectors need to be able to carefully inspect the description and the photos provided they are bidding on to help ensure their authenticity.

If a collector has doubt about the authenticity of a bell, then the collector may want to have possibly another collector or may even an appraiser to examine the bell your plan to purchase to determine its value. Auction sites such as eBay can be a really reliable source for purchasing antique bells, but collectors may have more luck with purchasing bells from other antique bell collectors. By networking with other collectors your will be able to find other collectors with the same interest, who are willing to give you their advice.

Antique brass bells may tarnish, so collectors need to know the proper way to clean them to avoid damage. There are cleaners that are specially designed to remove the tarnish off of brass bells, however these cleaners are not recommended for cleaning your bells regularly due to the fact that they may cause damage to the finish. To clean bells that do not have any tarnish on them should be cleaned by using only a soft damp cloth and wiping the bells gently clean then allowing them to air dry. The use of lemon juice can be used for cleaning bells, but it is not recommended due to the damage that can be caused to the patina.

Determining when the bell has been made can be figured out by the thickness of the walls and the diameter of the bell. School bells and fire bells are relatively large compared to other types of bells like farm bells and dinner bells, especially since the diameter of school bells are up to twenty eight inches and fire bells can be greater then thirty inches. The thickness of the wall may also be used in determining if a bell was a school, farm, or church bell, because the thickness of school bells was usually a lot thinner than those of church bells or fire bells, which gave school bells a special sound.

Collectors of farm bells have learned that determining the authenticity can be challenging. However, collectors wanting to know if a bell is a genuine antique or just a replica can be found out by certain details, which is important due to authentic antiques that are in excellent condition are much more valuable than any type of replica. The authenticity of any bell can be found out through the softening of the casting edge due to older bells will show more wear around the edges. Antiques will not have a parting line due to fact that older bells were cast as only one piece where modern bells are made from a two part mold.

Having your bells appraised to determine the exact value of bells will aid in getting them insured. Collectors who are just starting out collecting may have several questions concerning the methods of actually figuring out the value of bells. Professionally having your bells appraised is the best way to determine the actual value which helps to keep one from overpaying and ensure that the collector is given a fair price. The American Bell Association has a website where collectors can post pictures of bells and request the determination of its value.

Collecting Antique Bells As Collectibles

NASCAR Diecast

NASCAR Diecast Collectibles – Why Are These Tiny Cars So Popular?

NASCAR Diecast Collectibles – Why Are These Tiny Cars So Popular?

Die-cast collectibles are usually toys that are now much sought after by collectors. Made from metal and plastic, they are usually scaled down versions of big boy toys such as dump trucks, cars, and planes. Die-cast toys first appeared early in the 20th century. Toys depicting war fighting equipment such as tanks and ships were very successful during the world wars.

Diecast toys gained in status among collectors during the 1950s, when the quality of new die cast models improved, and original models gained in value as vintage collectibles. In later decades, many more producers entered into the market, giving us iconic brands that we know today like Mattel Hot Wheels.

Diecast toy cars are especially popular with collectors. While the NASCAR circuit became more famous in the United States, NASCAR diecast autos became more celebrated among collectors. Prior to starting a NASCAR die cast or other type of diecast model collection you need to take a few things into consideration.

In the world of diecast model collectibles, complete collections are usually more valuable than they are individually. Collectibles introduced as part of a set may only retain their value if kept as a set. If you are a diecast collectible enthusiast, doing thorough research on the different types of models is advised before choosing the ones on which to build your collection around.

Diecast collectible models are broken into categories by scale size. They can range from the smallest 1:43 scale to the huge 1:6 scale. Usually the bigger they are, the more expensive they are. Promotional toys or those with unique markings can be more valuable. Vehicles with a special sporting connection, like a diecast Shelby Cobra Mustang, will usually be more valuable than the generic version.

Always set a budget and thoroughly research all the expenses involved before beginning a collection of NASCAR diecast vehicles or other scale model. If there are acrylic cases, then take care from getting the collection damaged. Collectors often prefer to display their diecast toys in special display cases. Collectors can also insure their diecast toy from theft and damage. Collecting diecast collectible can be a enjoyable hobby for the whole family regardless of the specific models.

Diecast Car Models

The Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Diecast Car Models

The Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Diecast Car Models

If you’re getting into diecast car models and you’re not really sure where to begin, then first of all, don’t pull your hair out over it.

It’s not like you’re trying to learn trigonometry here, you’re just collecting some toy cars, so here’s the main thing you want to know, make it your motto: Collect What You Like.

When you go into a hobby shop, most of them sell price guides so you can keep track of how much your collection’s worth. Look, forget that those price guides even exist. Trying to study them and find patterns and figure out what’s going to make you a millionaire when you retire is a fruitless pursuit.

You need to treat collecting diecast car models as what it is: A hobby, not a second job. Listen to your inner child, not your inner responsible adult.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s the second most important thing to keep in mind about collecting diecast cars: Take them out and play with them now and then.

Don’t be an old fuddy duddy, don’t be one of those guys who buys toys and then puts them behind glass to ensure that nobody ever has fun with them ever, take them out, race them across the coffee table the next time you watch racing on TV, and, again, obey the inner child.

Because let’s be honest, they’re toys. You’re collecting toys here. Collecting toys and never playing with them is like collecting real cars and never driving them.

What it comes down to is that you should really only be collecting diecast models if you’re passionate about motorsports or classic cars or what have you. You should only be collecting them if you have a real appreciation for automotive excellence and scale model perfection and attention to detail.

If you think you’re going to get rich turning your diecast collection into a retirement fund, go invest in something safe, instead. If you think you’re going to just display them on a shelf and impress people with rare toy cars, forget it, we’re not that impressed. But, if you’re going to put those toy cars to good use, start collecting today.

Collecting is a hobby, and a hobby is supposed to be fun. If you turn it into a chore you have nobody to blame but yourself. So do yourself a favor and start enjoying life for what it is, take your toy cars out and play with them. Planning for the future is great and all, but you don’t want to spend the whole of your adult years thinking “Boy I can’t wait til retirement when I’ll actually let myself have some fun now and then for a change!” Real collectors collect because they like to, not because they’re trying to get rich.

The Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Diecast Car Models