Vintage Hot Wheels are Hotter than Ever

Vintage Hot Wheels

Vintage Hot Wheels are Hotter than Ever

I’ve been an avid Hot Wheel collector for about 10 years and have built up quite a collection of rare finds. Unlike other toy collectibles, you’re never embarrassed to break out your vintage Wheels.

If you’re new to collecting, there are a few things you should know.
Before you begin buying, you have to know what these cars are worth and what to look for; if you don’t you might be taken for a ride.

Like other collectibles, there is quite a bit of information available at your fingertips such as books, articles, etc.

Although much of this information is great for pictures or a short history lesson, most only include information on the more popular models and you want to get your hands on the rare, mint condition, still in the box, no-one knew ever existed models.

I’ve found the Tomart’s Guide to Hot Wheels by Mike Strauss to be the most comprehensive of all the books on the market. Although there are others, I’ve found the Tomart’s to be the best.

Another great source of information is the Becket Guide to Hot Wheels. Although not as eye-pleasing as the Tomart’s Guide, the Becket is a fantastic source for the more popular models.

You can find a slew of other books and articles all over the web and in your neighborhood bookstore.

Once you’re ready to start collecting, I would suggest stopping by your local antique shops and garage sales. eBay is another good source but I’ve found that, unless you’re willing to pay top dollar, you’re best bet is to buy from someone who’s into the old but not necessarily a Hot Wheel Maniac.

If you’re into the newer models, stop by your local Toys-R-Us or any local toy store. Keep an eye out for announcements from Mattel and follow the blogs and on-line articles for special releases.

Vintage Hot Wheels are Hotter than Ever